Sunday, February 27, 2011

June Morning

I painted the study for this piece a couple of summers ago on a June morning just after daybreak. The air was very atmospheric due to a combination of moisture and the haze of distant wildfires. I may refine it a bit more before I call it done. 24x18, oil on linen.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lazy Early Spring Afternoon

A small herd of young Holstein heifers kept me company as I was painting this study. Some of them were posing for me as you can see, but most of them were behind me and beside me watching me paint. Some came as close as a couple of feet to get a good view; they were very curious. One of them had a cough, poor thing. This was a perfect setting for a picnic. Study 8x6, oil on linen.

Grazing At Noon

This was the first study I painted yesterday, about noon. The new green grass has not yet grown above the height of last years dead grass, so there is an assortment of mellow tawny hues mixed in with the vibrant fresh greens. The evergreen varieties of trees look like summer, but there are many deciduous varieties that have yet to bud. There is a modest sprinkling of early wildflowers, but the main show is yet to come. Study 8x6, oil on linen.

Spring Atmosphere

Ernesto and I both painted this view, but I think I prefer his composition choice. The weeping leaves of this tree with the atmospheric hills behind captured both of us. Study 8x6, oil on linen.

Late Afternoon

Ernesto and I went out painting again yesterday. It was a beautiful early spring day in Marin County. This was the last study I painted as the sun was getting low in the late afternoon. It was amazing how quickly the temperature dropped when the sun dipped below the horizon. The clouds in the sky were the early leading edge of the warm front that moved in overnight. Study 8x6, oil on linen.