Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wallowa Study

This small painting is really more of a color study from a smaller study I painted last summer in the Wallowa Valley in northeastern Oregon.  20x10", Oil on Linen. 


Sajib OO said...

It's a luck to be alble to see the horizon that much far this days, the city where I live, horizon had been replaced by narrow alleyways and windows long back.

Nice atmospheric renditions in your painting.


Sharon Calahan said...

Hi Sajib,
Yes, I do feel very fortunate any time I find a beautiful location to paint, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find areas that are not overly impinged upon by development and "progress". I particularly have acquired a dislike to the blight that wind turbines are adding to the landscape here in North America.

Thank you for your post!


Alphabet Photography said...

This piece of painting is so nice and beautiful. You always do some different and unique work.

Jeff Ahrendt said...

Okay Sharon, so I'm totally geeking here, as I always have, but I'm in love with your paintings! Do you ever sell your studies, or are you hoarding them all for yourself somewhere?

Nothing but admiration for your work!!!

Jeff Ahrendt
Nine Mile Falls, WA

Sharon Calahan said...

Hi Jeff! I rarely sell my studies, but I am happy to do small paintings on request. :) The studies I paint end up informing other work so it is hard to part with them. I recently lost my entire photo library when my hard drive and backup system crashed at the exact same time. I feel like I lost so many memories. Selling my studies feels a little bit like that because looking at them I can still smell the air, feel the sun, and hear the noises of being there. But I should do more smaller paintings or more studies so that I have too many of them and then I would have to sell them! This is a question I am frequently asked, so I should think about it. Jeff, I hope you are well, it is nice to hear from you!