Monday, August 20, 2012

Afternoon Clouds

The last couple of days I waited too late in the day to go out painting and the weather became overcast and flat.  So today when I noticed the clouds starting to form, I stopped my chores mid-stream and painted from my yard.  This is the view toward the south, looking across the valley at the Hurricane Creek drainage.  Study 8x10", Oil on Linen.


Unknown said...

This is simply beautiful :)

This really evokes the painting style of William Turner for me. Speaking of Turner, have you ever experimented with his approach to painting with an entire composition/piece? Although your style is already beautifully gestural, have you ever tried to be even more loose and impressionistic with your some of your work? Or does the urge to give your work a little more 'finish' invariably end an attempt to experiment? (Which, by the way, ALWAYS happens to me :P)

Sharon Calahan said...

Thank you for your kind words! I think that this is a case where I generally paint better when I'm really inspired to paint something than when I go out trying to find something to paint. I always try to paint more loosely, but because I don't often plan as well as I should in my design and drawing, I often kill the painting trying to rework them in-process. Also, even when I have planned better, my illustration training can take over and result in over-polishing. I need to step back from my work and see what is really missing before I add too much detail. I just forget to do it too many times! And I do need to do more just pure experimentation instead of trying to end up with something "finished". I think that this is a result of not painting often enough. I also think that the more often I paint, the more confident I feel in being looser.