Saturday, November 24, 2012

Afternoon Shadow

My favorite time of the year to paint at the beach is on a sunny winter day.  It has been calm, warm and absolutely glorious at the ocean.  Study 10x8", Oil on Linen. 


Kwabena Sarfo said...

Loving the change of subject matter, Sharon! These studies really do look awesome :)

What I really love about these paintings is how you've managed to capture the force of the waves, and the overall kinetically charged atmosphere of being at the ocean. I've always been nervous about painting in situations where nature is more...'alive', so to speak, so I sort of envy you for being able to do it with such apparent ease! :)

Again, it's quite a change of pace from your more recent studies. I'm holding thumbs that you'll post more! :D


Sharon Calahan said...

Thanks! I find that I paint best at the ocean if I can try not to think about it too much and just go with it. Otherwise it is pretty intimidating. Also it can be quite fatiguing trying to study something that is constantly moving, especially when there is glare. But it is incredibly addicting, probably because the challenge is so high and the setting can be very peaceful when the weather is nice. I'll try to get back out there as soon as the weather permits. Right now it is pouring rain with flood warnings!