Saturday, August 2, 2008

Early Morning On The Lake

Another view of the lake -- I was seduced by the sunshine streaming over the moraine, illuminating the atmosphere over Bonneville Mountain (Mt. Howard is to the left and Chief Joseph Mountain is to the right, with peeks/peaks of  Aneroid Mountain and Craig Mountain in the distance). It was nice to have a few clouds this morning. I need to fix and blur the reflections in the water since they are distracting.
          The afternoon became a little stormy with great clouds. I was feeling too lazy to head out to paint, so I did a cloud study from my deck. If I keep doing cloud studies, maybe one day I will figure out how to paint them well.  


Heather said...

Sharon: Thanks again for more wonderful works of the lake. I hope that you have the chance to stop in at the Bronze Antler B&B (4th & Main in Joseph). I really enjoy your work--is any of it from this local area eventually going to be offered for sale?

Michael said...

OK, this will be my last comment for now. I am so impressed ad pleased to be able to look at this stuff. Like Mr. Cone's, it just kind of talks to me and tells me the world is a beautiful place where things work out OK. :) Something in particular -- perhaps the shade of blue -- in this one makes me feel very happy. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I wish you and Bill both would offer some of your pieces for sale. Keep me on your list if you do!