Thursday, July 31, 2008

Morning Reflections

Yesterday I spent my early morning painting time location scouting and found a couple of spots that looked promising. I returned to my favorite one this morning at the head end of Wallowa Lake. I awoke a little late and had to scramble a bit and didn't spend as much time finessing the drawing as I would like, but I think the study works for color and light reference. I would love to work this one up larger at some point, I think it is my new favorite.

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Heather said...

Hello Sharon: Enjoyed your interpretation of the Wallowa River flowing into the lake. I own the Bronze Antler B&B in Joseph (corner of Main & 4th) and am also one of the volunteer directors for the annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts (juried show in June). There's quite an active artist community here--I'd be happy to share with you information about local plein air painters that get together outdoors. Stop by and see me if you'd like.