Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lostine Afternoon

I was attracted to a small rock island in the middle of the Lostine river, it reminded me of a sailing ship.  Study 12x9", Oil on Linen.  


Unknown said...

Your work is amazing. I live in Lostine and you captured one of my favorite places up the Lostine. I take photos of there all the time, it seems the beauty of this area has captured your heart as well. One of the times you are back up here you'll have to stop by the office, id love to meet you.

Sharon Calahan said...

Hi Darci, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I love Lostine canyon, I could spend the rest of my life painting there and be a happy girl. Not sure yet when I'll be back up there, work is heating up for a while, but hopefully sooner than later. Use the contact form page on my website so that you can send me where you work and I'll try to pop in to meet you next time I'm up that way. Cheers!