Monday, September 17, 2012

Mountain Stream

Another view of the Lostine River on a smoky autumn afternoon.  Study 8x10", Oil on Linen.  


ddd said...

Looks great Sharon! Very nice composition, there are so many interesting spots to look at but they all work together as one unit. Well done!

Sharon Calahan said...

Thank you!


Kwabena Sarfo said...

I have to say that your last few blog posts have reignited my fascination with the north western portion of the USA :)I've always said that if I was to go on vacation in North America, that would be one of the places I'd like to visit the most. Now I want to do that even more so :)

This particular piece has gotta be my favourite so far. I love the way that its been composed; with the stream and its rocks at the bottom, and very much in the foreground, and the trees receding backwards along its banks. And the way you've used the trees compositionally also seems as though you put a lot of thought into this...such as the way the trees on the bank to the left are closer to the viewer and those on the right bank begin to recede into the background. As a whole, the piece feels as though its an entry point into a beautiful wilderness. It's awesome! I really love it :)

Did it take you a while to find this spot and consider how you were going to compose it? Because, like I said, it seems as though you thought this through quite a bit. Or was it another one of those "last minute rushes"? Because if it was, then you have an incredible natural sense of composition!

Sharon Calahan said...

I've always felt that the US and Canada Pacific Northwest is a special place and I'm the happiest when I can explore the wilderness areas and paint them. I wish I could do it justice. I think that this piece is my favorite as well. I was wandering around scouting locations and I stopped briefly in this spot and knew I wanted to paint it at some point. I kept thinking about it and came back the next day. I had a day to think about it and design in my head what I wanted to do with it so I think that is why it is more successful that my usual attempts. I'm very happy that you like the piece and I hope that you can vacation in the NW sometime sooner than later. Thank you for your note and your kind words. :)