Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Junipers and Herefords

When I got out of my car to set up to paint, there were dozens of cattle near the road. They were skittish and took off bellowing their heads off, warning the calves away. I thought somebody might yell at me for spooking them. They eventually wandered back, all the way up in my face, now bellowing that perhaps they would like me to feed them. 
          I ventured out later to try my hand at some of the delicious afternoon haze that we sometimes get. It was trickier than I expected. My colors looked very different when I got back than I thought I was painting on site (too green overall) so I had to fix them. I had been looking into the sunlight which might have thrown off my color read. 

1 comment:

Bill Cone said...

One of my favorites, so far. Afternoon light and atmosphere can transform the world, as you've shown.
This one's a beauty.