Saturday, July 12, 2008

Prairie Creek Oxbows

I have had my eye on this scene for a long time. The creek does these perfect snake turns, when the water level was higher last week it was cutting across some of the loops. I have wanted to paint this scene in the winter snow and bare trees, especially when the black angus cattle are visiting the creek for a drink. The trouble is that it is on a main highway with no place to park when there are snow plow mounds on the shoulders. I was hoping for a few cattle this morning, but they were not thirsty yet; the scene feels a little naked to me without them because I always picture them there. Maybe I'll take some reference photos at some point so that I can realistically add them. It was 37 degrees this morning and I froze while painting because I was standing in the shade. The traffic wasn't too bad and thankfully nobody honked at me. Why do people do that? I'm not very happy with this study, it is ill-planned, poorly composed, badly drawn, and overworked for starters. I'll just have to try it again in the snow since that is what I really wanted anyway. Maybe I need to take a little break from painting and do a reset.
          Not sure yet if I will try to paint this afternoon. My agenda for the day is to make sour cherry cobbler. Sour cherries are a NW specialty and are tied with huckleberries for my all time favorite fruit. My mom's sour cherry pies were my childhood favorite. I bought some fresh cherries at the farmer's market yesterday, I wish I had brought my pitter with me on vacation. Who would think to pack that?

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TJ said...

I think you have achieved several pleasant items in this painting. And sometimes it is hard to paint the scene before you; as you said you wanted to paint some cattle in it so maybe your mind is wrestling with you! It is lovely though and I'm sure you will have the painting as you see it in your mind's eye at some point.

Oh, and the sour cherry pie sounds super!!!