Thursday, July 10, 2008

Morning Brain Fog

Some days it is really difficult to get up before 5am. This morning was one of them. Even with my dogs poking me to get up (my furry alarm clocks), I still struggled. I was in a fog trying to get out the door and kept thinking I was forgetting stuff, go back inside and look around, only to realize that what I was looking for was already in my pocket/car/painting kit. I must have done this at least six times. I never did find my watch however, I think I must have lost it yesterday somewhere. By the time I stopped to paint, about an hour later than usual, the light was past where I wanted it to be, so figuring I had nothing to lose, I intentionally tried to paint something that I knew I would struggle with and probably fail at, but how am I ever going to figure it out unless I keep trying it? It is of a lone multi-branched ponderosa pine with a broken trunk. I think that single trees are extremely difficult to paint because there is nothing to distract you from bad drawing/painting/color/shape/brushwork/etc. The subject doesn't matter anymore because it is all about HOW it is painted. Not sure yet if I'm going to post it, I need to leave it for a bit and look at it with fresh eyes. Last I looked, it was not easy on the eyes. It doesn't look like I'll get an afternoon session in, it is blowing a gale. 

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