Monday, June 9, 2008

Barking Dog Perspective

The good thing about having a really bad painting day is that it makes the rejects from a good day look better. The dogs sit in the corner and bark to get your attention. This is one that yesterday I had relegated to the recycle pile. It makes me feel not quite as empty-handed today. When I painted this, I was intrigued by the opposing shapes of the shadow and the water. And the reflection of the breaking wave in the surface sparkled like a jewel. The scalloped edge of the spent wave on the beach next to the hard massive dark rock was a nice contrast. The sand looked velvety soft in juxtaposition. I got lost in these opposing textures and shapes. It is easy to see now how painting the ocean can become addicting. 
         I am starting to realize that I don't paint well in workshops. In fact I end up wiping them all down. I just can't seem to settle and focus. I'm convinced that I'm learning something through osmosis in the workshop, but it certainly doesn't show. I am very thankful that Randy understands and is very patient.  I am hoping that if I get up really early tomorrow and paint before the workshop starts that maybe I can get into a groove.  

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