Friday, June 6, 2008

The Importance of Being Ernesto

Ernesto Nemesio is a painting buddy, good friend, and work colleague. He is an inspiring artist. His work is so expressive, not in a flashy way, but it a quiet and powerful way that rewards closer inspection and subsequent viewings. His sense of design is strong and fresh; it somehow feels intuitive and studied at the same time. His color restraint is sophisticated, intimate and inviting. Maybe because it doesn't scream from across the room, one has to look a little closer and longer, and then you see this extraordinary subtlety that comes alive. His discreet palette works because of the structural support of his impeccable value control within and between his masses. His brush and edge work must be seen in person to be truly admired. It isn't flamboyant, but is in balance with all other elements, adding a tactile surface temptation.  His draftsmanship is masterly. And lastly, he is able to harness that elusive Gestalt that comes from the harmony of everything working together. Ernesto is generous with his knowledge and enthusiastic in his support; it is fun to paint with him. Check out his website at  

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