Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Groundhog Day Wishlist

I awoke at 4:30 and grabbed my gear and headed out. I was set up and painting before daybreak at the ocean.  It was a refreshing morning with an invigorating sea breeze (chilly). It wasn't going well, I misjudged where the sun angle was going to be, I didn't plan for the foreground to be in shadow. Then suddenly, an amazing thing happened, a man was standing on the beach rim not too far away, playing the bagpipes as the sun was rising! I love bagpipe music, it is one of those sounds that thrills me to my core, maybe it is my Scottish ancestry longing for haggis, plaid and red-haired freckled men in kilts. So it didn't matter so much that I did an ill-planned overworked little painting, I knew the day was one of those that made me glad to be alive. I would want it in my Groundhog Day. If you imagine the sound of bagpipes, my painting looks a lot better.
          After that wonderful beginning, I drove down to Marshall where the workshop was meeting today. My morning study did not go well either. It is definitely an exercise in how to choose better. I don't particularly like painting buildings, especially in mid-day light. And I have the bad habit of often trying to include too many elements and ending up with something staid.  

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