Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I happened by these weird rocks in Marin, near Tomales. I found out later that they are called the Elephant Rocks. They do kinda feel mastodon-like. They are definitely very challenging to paint. It is difficult to not tighten up when trying to paint something this unusual. Sometimes there are cattle grazing near the rocks which would have helped to put the large rocks in scale. Then I went into Tomales to meet the workshop group. I was drawn to this little building with a red sliding loading door. It is looser, but not in a controlled way. Then I went wandering again near Tomales and ended up standing in a muddy creekbed where I managed to lose my paints. I guess I will be going out that way again tomorrow to retrieve them. The creek painting has some areas of interesting color, but I would have liked to have composed it better. 

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Bill Cone said...

Egad, you are cranking! Keep going. It is no different than riding bikes. You'll feel better incrementally. These are great experiences and painting problems. I'm drawn to those ocean scenes with the cast shadows on the water, but they are all good problems to solve. You've already got some nice pieces. It's good that Randy is doing buildings for the workshop. In some ways, the planes of man-made objects exhibit more obvious behavior about local color, bounce, fill, etc, but then you have all those damn edges to deal with.
Either way, it is a good workout. Why should everthing be easy? You would be bored if it was.
Sleep well, and go out and paint more! Looking forward to seeing the whole week's work posted.

As far as getting the color right online, forget it. Just go for ballpark good. People are looking at these images on plasma, crt, lcd, etc. There's no way it will look the same on them. My work looks different from home to the office. What you can do is study your preview posts before you publish. That might help you find a standard, or happy medium for balancing color and exposure online.

Paint away, Sharon. Sierras will be fun. (no buildings) ;-)