Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is That the Sound of the Ocean Or My Stomach?

I left home early this morning eager to begin my painting sabbatical with the goal of a painting a day. I thought I might return by ten for breakfast. I didn't really have a plan and got in the car and started driving west. Nothing inspired me to stop. I ran out of west and found myself at the ocean where something interesting finally caught my eye. I stopped only to find that somebody else was already set up and painting. Not wanting to interrupt his reverie, I kept going. By this time I was becoming seriously hungry and frustrated, so I finally set up and did this rough little sketch. It looks a little over-saturated here. It is my second-ever attempt at a seascape; even though it feels akin to self-flagellation, painting the sea is a fascinating challenge. By the time I finally made it home for "breakfast" it was three in the afternoon.  

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